Polarbear White Shepherd's Intelligence & Temperament Test

From the beginning, our goal has been to produce a superior quality White German Shepherd that is highly intelligent with an ability to emotionally connect with humans like no other dog.   Training is easy for our puppies because they are natural people pleasers.   We start with a 12-point test we developed with help from the research of  Dr. Stanley Coren and some aspects of the Volhard method for German Shepherds to test our puppies.   The test provides us key information about the intelligence and temperament of our dogs so we can properly match them to our clients.   At five weeks of age our puppies start training with a combination of testing and socialization.  Our test combines the research of Dr. Stanley Coren and the Volhard method.   We have found it to be an invaluable means of puppy selection with an accuracy rate of roughly 90%.  Matching our puppies to your life-style and desires makes everyone happy!  The following is a break-down of our test:

1.  Social Attraction (approaching):  The degree of human motivation, confidence and dependence.
2.  Social Attraction (Following): The degree of following attraction.  Not following indicates independence.  
3.  Social Dominance (Restraint):  How a puppy accepts stress when socially/physically dominated.
4.  Social Dominance (Forgiveness): The degree of acceptance of social dominance.
5.  Elevation Dominance (Loss of Control):  The degree of accepting dominance while in a position of no control.
6.  Obedience Aptitude (Retrieving):   The degree of willingness to work, use of retrieval and balls. Ability to work as service or medical detection dogs, etc.
7.  Obedience Aptitude (Retrieving)
8.  Touch Sensitivity: Degree of sensitivity to touch. 
9.  Sound Reaction: The degree of sensitivity to sound.  
10.  Novel Stimuli: The degree of intelligent response to strange objects.
11.  Food Incentive.  The degree of motivation with treats or food.
12.  Stability: The degree of confidence and type of reaction when confronted with a threatening object.  

The puppies scoring highest on our tests become our pick puppies and foundation dogs of our Polarbear foundation. 

  Getting a Polarbear dog truly is a spiritual" experience and our dogs intuitively seem to understand their purpose when they are matched with the home that has been selected for them.  This is why we give them the title of "angels" on assignment!  We hope you reserve your judgment until you've followed our advise, gone through a six-week puppy class (a contract requirement) and allowed your dog to grow in a relaxed environment.  These dogs have unlimited potential.  If you let them, they will change your life!