“Ninety percent of what you get in a dog, for good or for bad, is determined by the parents of the dog.

No amount of training or special food will fix a problem dog. Choose the right dog the first time and you’ll never regret it!
— The Founder of Polarbear White Shepherds

Chances are you’ve seen or heard about a Polarbear™ White Shepherd. If you assumed it was a new breed of dog, think again. This is the name of a kennel in North America that has been producing some of the most beautiful and finest quality German Shepherd dogs in America since the White German Shepherd became recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2000. If you’re looking for the ultimate “high-quality” companion or service animal, stop looking, you’ve found one.

Best known as “humans with fur” or “Angels on Assignment”, there is more to these dogs than meets the eye! Polarbear™ White Shepherds is truly shaking up the dog world.  Take, for example, the appearance of the standard German Shepherd in this photo: 

Dogs bred with these traits often end up with crippling disabilities and premature death.  This is so inhumane.   The focus of this kennel, on the other hand, is to produce dogs with straight backs and a broad stance, as in the photo of  Polarbear's foundation sire, Shack Von Hammer. 

The dog that started Polarbear White Shepherds

Aside from their magnificent appearance, Polarbear White Shepherds are calm, sociable, and affectionate.   They are gifted empaths and comedians at heart.  Their goofy personalities and love of children make them perfect nannies for even the youngest child. They love water, retrieving frisbees, and diving into the occasional swimming pool.  What kind of dogs do all that?  A Polarbear, of coarse.  And they are living fulfilled lives, as medical detection dogs, service dogs, and family and companion dogs in nearly every state in the United States!  

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