Meet the Polarbear !

Our unique brand of American White German Shepherd is changing hearts and lives of people around the world. Our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) in the German Shepherd category.   The success of our dogs is based upon a philosophy we pioneered in 2000.  Simply put, we believe these animals are equivalent to "humans with fur" and each one deserves to be raised in a "No-Kennel, No-Cage" environment where their unique personalities and abilities are recognized.  The most notable difference between a Polarbear Shepherd and all other German Shepherds, is their appearance.     Polarbears lack the traditional "frog-like" hind-quarters of the

Frog-like German Shepherd

majority of German Shepherds.  Breeding for these traits, in our opinion, is inhumane since it results in dogs with crippling disabilities and loss of life.   Polarbears have straight backs  and a broad stance, which coincides with our commitment to raising dogs with superior health and temperament.  Aside from their magnificent appearance, Polarbears  are highly intelligent and natural empaths.  They have infectious and entertaining personalities, nurture children, retrieve,  and dive into the occasional swimming pool.  Polarbears are living fulfilled lives, as medical detection dogs, service dogs, and family and companion dogs everywhere!  



Our "Angels on Assignment", as we call them, are living proof that God made dog for our happiness.  Ask any Polarbear owner and they will tell you that life is sweeter because a Polarbear entered their world.  

Feel free to browse our website, it is full of tips, tricks, and testimonials, about our dogs.  If you like what you see,  please share our message with your friends and family.   If we could leave you with one piece of advise, it is this....

“Ninety percent of what you get in a dog, for good or for bad, is determined by the parents of the dog. No amount of training or special food will correct a problem dog. Pick the right dog and you will never regret your decision”
— Polarbear White Shepherds

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