100% Health Guarantee

We make no claims about our dogs or who we are that we cannot back up.  We are one of the few breeders to offer a full 100% health guarantee which means that your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale and guaranteed to be free of genetic birth defects as determined by a licensed veterinarian within twelve (12) months of the time of sale.  The puppy is sound in body, good health, and is free of communicable disease as far as appears to the eye.  We consult with one of the leading veterinarians in the field of veterinarian medicine who specializes in Canines and preventative health care.


Our puppies receive a series of four (4) vaccinations specific to Parvo Virus, Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Adenovirus Type 1 and Canine Hepatitis Virus.  In addition our dogs are on a strict program to prevent parasitic worms and bacteria, despite our clean and well maintained property.   A veterinarian must confirm illness within 72 hours of arrival.  After that, the health of the dog, is the responsibility of the buyer.  

 Health Testing

The parents of our puppies are tested for Canine Hip Dysplasia through either OFA or PennHip for dogs by two and one-half years of age.  We only breed dogs who pass our strict health standards.   If you would like to know more about the health of our dogs, ask us!  We are very fortunate that our foundation dogs are in the Hall of Fame for their longevity and vigorous health!  All the dogs on our website exist!  These are our dogs and what you see is what you get in a dog.   

Whats included with Purchase

With the purchase of a Polarbear Puppy, the following may  be included in your Polarbear Puppy Packet; Your puppy's AKC pedigree, Puppy contract, a veterinarian health certificate,  care and feeding instructions, crate training and socialization recommendations, information about breed specific diseases from our White Shepherds Genetics project and frequently asked questions about white shepherds so you can become an expert on the breed of your new puppy.

 AKC Registration

Each litter is registered with the American Kennel Club which entitles you to register your dog with AKC in accordance with your puppy contract.

Legal Disclosure

One final note:  If you choose to fill out an application, we reserve the right to reject any applicant who we feel is dishonest in any way or may not have true intentions with one of our dogs.  We encourage you to get our attention by filling out your application with as much information as possible.  If approved, you understand that your reservation is made with a non-refundable deposit and by doing so you agree to refrain from defamation by any means if you change your mind.   Early reservations do not guarantee a pick of the litter, but it does mean that we have more time to select the best puppy for you based upon our unique selection and testing process.  We hope you appreciate our breeding philosophy and tell us if you get a chance. 


Fun with Clara and Gus and our Polarbear Babies!