The Purchase Process

 If you’ve arrived at this page because you’d like to contact us about purchasing a puppy but you haven’t taken the time to read about our philosophy on the “about us” page, please go back. Our Polarbear philosophy has everything to do the kind of humans we’re looking for to purchase one of our “children”. We receive hundreds of emails and messages from what we call “window shoppers”. Sadly, they go unanswered. We’re by no means intending to be rude. We just believe that if you’re sold on our philosophy and have followed our work, than you’ll likely be someone smart enough to be a match for one of our incredibly intelligent and empathic dogs. We have a limited number of babies each year because we permit our mama dogs to have just one litter each year. This usually occurs sometime in the fall and spring of the year. We don’t do “lists” like other breeders. When our litter arrives is the time we go through our applications and sell our puppies. Timing is everything! You just have to bookmark us and get to know us. You’ll know we have a litter when you see a password protected page of puppies in the navigation on this page. We can't promise that everyone who wants one of our dogs will have the privilege of owning one,  but at the very least we hope everyone becomes a fan.  If you’re worried you won’t hear from us, don’t! Take a chance and send in your application. This is where it all begins…..


The process of purchasing a Polarbear White Shepherd begins with a simple application.   Answering all the questions on our application is important part of  our decision-making process.  Patience is key,  and everyone has to go through the same process.  Don't worry if you don't hear back from us right away.  We know who you are. It's just how it works!   If we haven't heard from us, it is likely because we did not have an available puppy this time around.  Don’t give up! Get to know us! We have to password protect our pages due to the amount of traffic we receive. When we meet, we will send them to you!  

Our Puppy Test

A high scoring, happy puppy, completes her puppy test!

At six and eight weeks of age we start testing our puppies for intelligence and temperament.   Our unique test which we formulated based upon several for the German Shepherd breed is the reason our dogs are "Rock Stars" in the dog world.   Part of our philosophy is based upon the fact that virtually ALL dogs have one of three motivations; food, toys, or human motivation.   To qualify as a true "Polarbear" and future parent of our puppies, our dogs must be highly human motivated.   Our test evaluates and grades each puppy for stability, sociability, willingness to work, touch and sound sensitivity, and response to various incentives.  Puppy results are published on each of our litters on a special "Private" page of our website for those who have already been approved for one of our puppies.  

 Puppy Selection

Click here to see their puppy!

Puppy selection begins with a video conference.  Whether our clients come and meet us in person or choose to have us deliver their puppy, a video conference is required.   This "Meet and Greet" interview allows our dogs to see, hear, and smell (not just yet!) these humans through a large screen monitor in our studio.  It is amazing how this works, but it does.  Our clients get to  watch us demonstrate some of our testing.   Think of our video conference like you would a dating service.  It may be awkward at first but our clients really enjoy it and usually "fall in love" for all important bonding with their puppy.   Trust is extremely important for us as it is for our clients and video conferencing helps us to accomplish that. 


A new owner at his puppy's first well puppy check here at Polarbear Land.

A new owner at his puppy's first well puppy check here at Polarbear Land.

        Once a joint decision has been made, we begin making plans for delivery and we send our clients an electronic file which includes the puppy's pedigree, AKC registration information, contract, invoice, Polarbear Care PDF, and a copy of the health record, which is also attached to the puppy's crate upon delivery.  Each puppy is required to pass a USDA health inspection after they turn eight (8) weeks of age and receive a health certificate prior to delivery, all details found on the "Private Page" for our clients. 

Safety:   Whether clients pick up their puppy in person or have their new puppy delivered, the process is completely safe.  We select direct flights on our favorite airlines, Alaska, which happens to be rated one of the best for pet travel in the travel industry.  It also helps that they are headquartered near our home!   We've maintained a relationship with Alaska for many years and their cargo staff provide exceptional care for our fur babies.   In addition to the best of care, the calm and intelligent nature of our puppies make them ideal pet passengers.  Our Polarbear puppies have no fear.. and actually like not having to compete for food or toys with their siblings once they discover their very own comfortable den (crate) and a soft blanket that smells like home.

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to read our "Polarbear Purchase Process."   Sometimes it is necessary to be the "squeaky wheel" to get our attention.  In any case, we love to know that you absolutely love our dogs and wish to join our unique family!

If you must email us, here is our address: