Delivery Options:

Whether you choose to come here or have your puppy shipped, you will need to make an appointment with a licensed veterinarian for a "well puppy" check within 24 hours of arrival, or 48 hours if arriving on Saturday.   This is very important and complies with our contract for your health guarantees.  

Delivery by Air:

 Shipping by air will not distress your puppy and it is perfectly okay.  We have our favorite airline carriers and we have trusted them for many years.  We only use direct flights and that may mean that you  will have to drive further to pick up your puppy.   Shipping expenses are in addition to the cost of your puppy.  The cost of shipping is quire reasonable and based upon the size and weight of the puppy crate with the puppy, insurance and mileage,  A USDA health certificate from a licensed veterinarian is also required in addition to an airlines approved puppy crate and dish.  If the temperature at the designated airport is below 20 degrees or exceeds 85 degrees upon arrival, the airline will require an embargo and our shipping will be delayed.  Your puppy will have a comfortable puppy crate and a toy or chewy for the trip, food and water.  

Your puppy will arrive at the Cargo office at the address we provide to you on the invoice.  Depending upon the arrival time of your puppy's flight, wait at least 30 minutes for the cargo employees to bring your puppy to you.  If it takes longer than 45 minutes, let them know that you have a young puppy awaiting a veterinary examination and it cannot wait!  The airlines policy is that all employees are to comply with the USDA requirements and that means to quickly deliver live animals to the cargo office upon the airplanes arrival.  Look up the airline policy if you have to while you are waiting and don't hesitate to look up and document the name of the cargo manager and have it on hand if necessary!   The airlines we use, for the most part, are very good. 

Please bring the following with you to the airport:  
1.  Photo I.D.  
2.  A bowl for water  
3. a 12-14" collar and a leash (your puppy does not yet know how to be on leash)
4. Paper towel and wet wipes

Allow your puppy to go potty and drink water.  Plan on allowing your puppy to sit on your lap on the way home instead of putting them back in their crate.  Watch for diarrhea the first 48 hours and follow our Puppy Care instructions on our Puppy Care Page. 

Delivery in Person:

We a located a short distance from Seattle, Washington near Mount Rainier National Park.  If you decide to come to our home to pick up your puppy, we suggest that you book a round trip flight to Seatac Airport and check the puppy in as baggage for the return flight home.  Your puppy, if small enough, will be able to ride with you in the cabin.  We recommend that you stay at least one night in order to get the most enjoyment of the trip.   Plan on at least 10 hours in between flights, if not.  We are 2-3 hours from the airport depending on traffic from Seattle, so a car rental from the airport is necessary.   We will text you a travel map with directions when you arrive.  We are happy to suggest accommodations in advance of your stay.