Instructions for Registering your Puppy

with the American Kennel Club

 When you purchased your puppy you received a copy of your puppy's "Litter Certificate" from the American Kennel Club (AKC)  including a "Three Generation AKC Pedigree" which shows your puppy's family tree.    In order to register your puppy with the name you have selected,  you won't be able to register through the American Kennel Club Website with the specific "code" until proof of spay and/or neuter has been provided to us as per your contract.  This practice is common with the majority of AKC  "rare breed" dog breeders.   We encourage you to obtain your AKC Canine Good Citizenship or S.T.A.R. Puppy Certification for your puppy, in the meantime, using your puppy's litter certificate.   You do not need an official AKC registration certificate in order to participate in these programs.  You will have up to twelve (12) months upon completion of any AKC Good Citizenship Training Coarse to send in your puppy's registration information in order for the American Kennel Club to issue the award.  We don't permit spay/neuter BEFORE 12 months of age for growth and development purposes.  However, as soon as you send me that proof, I will quickly send you the form with the "code" for the website application.   If you have any questions, anyone at the American Kennel Club can explain this process to you by calling 919-816-3637.   For information about any puppy training programs, you can go to this link:

Please note:  Breeding is prohibited as per your contract.  Breeding is the only reason your puppy would be eligible for "full AKC registration" status.  If you feel that your puppy is “breeding” quality, then we would like you to contact us and we can always change your registration status upon approval and further examination.  Your White Shepherd puppy is outstanding among all other breeds because of the work we have done over many years at producing the very best of what the breed has to offer.  

Thank you for your understanding and we hope you enjoy your puppy for many years to come.



Polarbear White Shepherds