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 Polarbear White Shepherd Dog

 So you see these beautiful, large, dogs and think to yourself, who are these people?  Well, let's start by sharing the secret to our success.  Since we began our journey in 1999, we made it our mission to produce the ultimate purebred dog.  While the contraction of  "polar" and "bear" or "Polarbear" is our brand, our dogs are considered a rare breed and recognized by the American Kennel Club as a class of German Shepherd.  Our integrity is extremely important.   We are the one and only "Polarbear" and nobody else can duplicate the success of our dogs.  You will not find a "contact us" link on our website.  We would like you to take a few minutes and read about us first, please scroll down this page......

       The Polarbear Philosophy

Health, temperament, and genetic diversity, are top priorities and the basis of our Polarbear Philosophy.   We decided early on that this was more important than the short-sighted aims of show breeders whose sole focus is appearance.   As a result of our efforts, the longevity and popularity of our dogs is undisputed.  We  pioneered a "no cage - no kennel" philosophy in which dogs are not confined and instead are raised on a beautiful acreage with plenty of room and attention.   Since our dogs roam free, they are happier and healthier, than kenneled dogs, which  enables us to make wise decisions regarding which dogs to breed as our foundation stock.  You might say, we apply science to what we do.  We also developed a method of testing dogs for intelligence and temperament which has an accuracy rate of 90% over their lifetime.  To everyone's surprise, we have fewer than six adult dogs at all times and we produce a limited number of puppies each year.  We are vigilant about maintaining the integrity of our dogs which is why we protect our brand and none of our dogs are sold for breeding purposes.  Like to learn more about us?  Scroll further down this page.......

 What makes Polarbears so different from any other dog?

 Talking Dogs

 Polarbears are natural empaths which makes them highly intuitive and the closest to a "human with fur" that you will ever find in a dog.  Polarbears have amazing vocabularies and only have to be told once what you want them to do.  These are the most intelligent dogs you will ever meet.   They just understand.  The temperaments of our dogs make them the  "total package" in a dog.  Most dogs, in the shepherd breeds, tend to be aloof and wary of strangers.  Our dogs, on the other hand, are friendly and sociable, as long as they are well socialized as puppies. They make ideal guard dogs and will not hesitate to put their lives on the line should the situation warrant it.   Their calm temperament makes them ideal indoor dogs and the playful, retrieval abilities make them entertaining as outdoor companions.  One other distinction of a Polarbear Dog?  You guessed it... they love water... just like their namesake, the Polar Bear!  And is there any better dog to watch the children?  No.  Polarbears are completely trustworthy, making them ideal "nannies" to even the smallest child.  

 Polarbear Puppies with children

The appearance of our dogs is striking.  They have beautiful, superior quality, short, arctic-white coats, and dark pigmented noses and are ideal indoor dogs because they shed less than their longer coat cousins.   They are extra-large in size.  Our males average between 100-120#, and females between 70-90#.   So if you want that beautiful, large, indoor dog, that sheds less than their longer coat cousins and do well in warmer weather... its a Polarbear dog!

If you've never purchased a dog online before, remember, "the most important decision in purchasing a dog is purchasing the right dog."   In this day and age, you do not need to find one locally.  You may, however, need to do your homework, especially if you found a new breeder.  Many of these first-time breeders try to replicate our philosophy.   Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so they say.  Don't be fooled, however, there is only one Polarbear Dog.  Likewise, don't be fooled by "the intellectuals" or breeders who rely upon blue ribbon trophies, hips and elbow evaluations, and special certificates to sell their dogs.     The only proof you need from us is the nearly twenty year history we have of producing White German Shepherd dogs with superior health and longevity. 

 If you would like to speak with us in person, we love to FaceTime and Skype, please provide some information so we can contact you at this link:  Contact Us

 12 month old Polarbear Puppy

12 month old Polarbear Puppy