Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

In this day and age of safe transportation for human and pet, location is not nearly as important in choosing the right dog.  We believe it is crucial that you find an ethical breeder since your dog will be a member of the family for many years.  Nevertheless, this question is asked of us all the time.  We are located near Seattle, Washington in the Pacific Northwest, United States.  Our clients travel here or we send our dogs on secure, safe, direct flights to their location.  

how can I get a Dog?

Adopting a Polarbear is a process that takes some patience.  We have a strict application process which includes a reference from your current veterinarian.  We selectively breed a limited number of dogs each year in order to comply with our self-imposed guidelines and Polarbear philosophy.  We want relationships with all of our clients since a mutual commitment for the life of your pet is our goal.  Sometimes it does not work out and you may not hear back from us.  Please don't be upset if this happens.   Don't give up, become friends with us, stay on our Facebook Fan Page or sign up for our news blog on our contact page. People have waited as long as 2-3 years until the timing is right to adopt a dog from us.   If it is meant to be than we believe it will happen! 

How much do they cost?

We don't take  advance deposits, we don't have waiting lists, and we don't give out prices on our dogs.  We are matchmakers!  We often hear from enthusiastic children who ask mom or dad to buy them one of our dogs.  The parents next question is "how much?".   Our answer?  Our dogs are not like an appliance or the latest toy.  They cannot be returned if the puppy hides your shoe or does something else to get your attention or you change your mind.  These are "humans with fur" and acquiring a Polarbear is similar to adopting a baby.  If you have made it as far as our application interview, we are happy to discuss the prices of our dogs with you.