How to Purchase a Polarbear

                In order to maintain our "Polarbear Philosophy" we limit ourselves to one to two litters each year.  If you are seriously interested in purchasing one of our dogs, please read this page.   We can't promise that everyone who wants one of our dogs will have the privilege of owning one,  but at the very least we hope everyone becomes a fan.    People say the process of obtaining a Polarbear is a "spiritual experience".    When the timing is right, when we connect with each other, and when our dogs are properly matched with their owners,  it truly is magic.  Our Polarbears  truly are intuitive and seem to understand their assignments once they are matched with the right homes.  Simply put, they are our   "Angels on Assignment"!    Look real close and you just might see some big white wings behind those giant white ears!  

I. Application

The process of purchasing a Polarbear White Shepherd begins with a simple application.  Answering all the questions on our application is important part of  our decision-making process.  Patience is key,  and everyone has to go through the same process.  Don't worry if you don't hear back from us right away.   We start calling our applicants and the matchmaking begins shortly after a litter is born.  To find out when we are expecting a litter, you'll have to become a fan.  It's just how it works!   If we haven't called you, it is likely because we did not have an available puppy this time around.

II. Polarbear Aptitude Test

A high scoring puppy after her test!  

At six and eight weeks of age, we conduct an Intelligence and Temperament Test that we developed and which has resulted in our number one dogs.  Dogs tend to have three motivations; food, toys, and humans.   To qualify as a true "Polarbear"  our puppies need to be highly human motivated.  We evaluate and grade them for stability, sociability, willingness to work, touch and sound sensitivity, and response to various incentives.   We publish photos and descriptions of our puppies, the parents, and their health certifications on the "private" page when available.   The application and test is how we determine the placement of our puppies.  This includes what we have learned about you and what you are looking for in a dog.  

 III.  Puppy Selection

Click here to see their puppy! 

Our video conference is a  "Meet and Greet" interview with you and our puppies and their parents.  Our dogs really do engage with you over your computer screen.  You may see us demonstrate the aptitude test we designed in order to produce our amazing dogs!  Think of our Skype or Facetime session  like you would a dating service.  It may be awkward at first but we think you will enjoy it and may even fall in love.  If you are a first timer, we are happy to help you with the installation on your computer. 

IV.  Delivery

A new owner at his puppy's first well puppy check here at Polarbear Land. 

A new owner at his puppy's first well puppy check here at Polarbear Land. 

Once we have made a joint decision in selecting your puppy, we begin making arrangements to deliver your puppy to you.  Whether you choose to come here or have your puppy safely sent to you, please don't worry, our dogs are both calm and intelligent and they do very well on a flight!  We schedule our deliveries when our puppies are 8 1/2 to 9 1/2 weeks of age.  Shortly before delivery, our clients will receive an electronic file which includes the puppy's pedigree, AKC registration information, contract, invoice, Polarbear Care PDF, and a copy of the health record, which is also attached to the puppy's crate upon delivery.  Each puppy is required to pass a USDA health inspection and receive a health certificate prior to delivery.  Exact details are found on our "Private Page" which can be accessed after becoming a client.   

A talking baby Polarbear