Available Puppies for Sale

Good News!  We have puppies available from our Spring Litter.  Due to a death in the family, we were delayed.   We have five (5) males and (2) females available and most of these have been graded in our "Premium" or "Pick Litter" category.  Several are graded as "standard" including the "runt" of the litter.  All of these puppies have been thoroughly tested and nearly perfect in every way!  They have had a complete series of puppy vaccinations, including Rabies, and they are microchip.  Each puppy has an individual file, with information about their Individual Intelligence and Temperament Test scores, pedigree, and parents information.  This information is available during a video conference we set up once you've been approved.   Our Polarbear dogs are highly communicative and "paw talkers".... a term we coined which means they like to communicate with their paws and they all love water and making their humans happy.   All of our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club and we encourage any non-believers to visit with any of our clients... they agree.. they have never owned a better dog with human-like qualities. look forward to meeting you soon..... 

SIRE:  Polarbear's Iorek Byrnson Ahlers of Luka

AKC # DN44432213.   OFA.  # WHS-45G30M-VP. "Good"

Iorek is #100+ and over 27" tall


The is Iorek and he is Luka's son and our new sire.  Iorek is currently almost three years of age this is the first time to sire a litter of puppies.   We adore Iorek!  He is a character... simple as that!  Iorek takes after his daddy Luka and loves to make people happy.  He loves, loves, loves, humans of all kinds and will not let his master, Michael,  out of his sight.   There are just no words to express the exceptional dog that we produced in Iorek.. he is truly a "human with fur" as we refer to our dogs here at Polarbear Land.   Iorek loves to play with toys, especially balls and frisbees.  He can do it all.  Extremely well mannered, thoughtful, loyal, intelligent, and the perfect companion at all times.  Iorek is absolutely the most gorgeous White German Shepherd you have ever seen!  We are so excited that he is our puppy's daddy!  Iorek is an extra-large male at over 26" in height an over one hundred pounds in weight.  He has a short, arctic white, smooth coat.  

Dam: Polarbear's Queen Kiana

AKC # DN43195402.    OFA # GS-Pending
(Both Parents Are Rated "Good" And We Expect Her To Be "Good" As Well)
80#  25" Tall

polarbear white german shepherd dogs (249 of 250).jpg
Dam Kiana.png

Kiana is the spitting image of her mom, Qali, whom you can see on our video below.  Kiana is the perfect indoor family member and guardian of children and she gets along perfectly with other dogs and family members.  


Grand Dad Luka! 

Grand Dad Luka!