Our Spring 2017 Litter

(Red Ribbon Male is available)

Sire: Northernwhites Luka (Sire to both litters)

AKC # DN38643501
CKC # YL415000
Certified "Good"  for Hip & Joint Confirmation

110 #  28" tall

Our Spring 2017 Litter

Luka is our standing sire and an amazing  White German Shepherd we acquired from friends in Northern Canada .  He was a "Pick of the Litter" puppy that we chose for his intelligence and personality.  Luka is registered both with CKC and AKC and he has an impressive pedigree.  We know his parents and lineage very well.  Luka has a personality like no other dog!  He thinks he is a human with fur but he has boundless respect and love.  Luka's favorite activity, besides the ladies, is making us laugh.  He is a comedian with a heart of a servant!  We love our Luka.  He is a healthy, large, 11# boy who has produced exceptionally wonderful sons and daughters.  


 Dam: Polarbear's Queen Kylie

AKC # DN39043509  OFA # GS-86573G53F-VPI
Certified "Good" for Hip & Joint Confirmation
80#  26" Tall

Polarbear's Queen Kylie is pure Polarbear.  She was pick of the litter of Polarbear's Queen Qali (A+++) and BlackKnight's Icy Hail.  She is absolutely mellow to the core and wicked smart.  She knows what is going on at all times and tunes in to everyone.  She is a super sleuth and knows what your needs are even before you look at her!  She is an absolutely amazing mother and her mothering abilities translates to puppies who have an advantage for their lifetime.  She is loving as is her mate, Luka.