We are pleased to introduce our latest litter of puppies which will be eight (8) weeks of age on December 12, 2017. Proud parents are Polarbear’s Heidi of Snowcloud and our beloved Northernwhite’s Luka


AKC Northernwhite's Luka

AKC# DN38643501

Luka is a daddy to our litter and at six years of age, shows no sign of slowing down.  He is known for his hilarious personality and keen intelligence.  When you're not looking, he will tease and play hide and seek or other games with his many toys.  He is pure joy.  At 100 pounds, Luka is extra large and intimidating to strangers but the perfect gentleman to those who pose no threat.  Luka will not hesitate to alert us to any issue on our farm worth our attention.  Both Luka and Heidi's parents are healthy and thriving and  we hope to have them both for many years to come.   

Dam :

AKC Polarbear's Heidi of Snowcloud

AKC # DN38524101    

HeidiSnowcloud1 copy.jpg

 Polarbear's Heidi of Snowcloud is a gorgeous, large, female and pick of her litter from Polarbear's Prince Caspian and Polarbear's Sugar Snowcloud (a pure Snowcloud female we acquired from Alice Horton, producer of the Snowcloud White Shepherds)   This is Heidi's first litter at three years of age.  The Snowcloud line is a famous line of White German Shepherds which Alice developed beginning in the 1960s.  Shortly before Alice passed away, we promised to continue her lines and felt that the females we acquired from her would blend beautifully with our own Polarbear Line.  Heidi is a large short-coated White Shepherd  and pure perfection!  She is incredibly loving, well-mannered, intelligent, and intuitive!  We just love her!!  As a first time mom, we could not be happier with her nurturing abilities.  Her puppies are calm, people oriented, and very healthy.   Heidi is our only remaining Snowcloud female since we retired both her mom and aunt several years ago.  We are thrilled to be able to continue our special Snowcloud blend and continue these lines. 


HeidiSnowcloud2 copy.jpg