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If you have read about us, then you know that we only have a limited number of puppies each year from our phenomenal parents. Each mother just has one litter each year, so it is a big deal, when the parents can “show” them off to the world. We “match” our puppies once we have the results of their aptitude tests if we have approved applicants whom we feel would be a good match. It’s the magic we do, here at Polarbear White Shepherds. All of the dogs you see on the pages of our website and social pages are dogs we produced and they just keep getting better with each generation.

Heidi & Luka Family


Ask us for our OFA certifications.

Ask us for our OFA certifications.

We’d like you to meet Heidi and Luka, parents of our gorgeous fall litter. If you have a reservation or are being considered as a client, this page is just for you. You can find the pedigree of our puppies below. We price our puppies by means of our intelligent and temperament test and grade them as either “standard” or “superior” or what some call “pick of the litter”. You will not find any white German shepherd puppies with our quality anywhere else in the United States. We’ve been producing our dogs for nearly twenty years and we would encourage you to read the “About Us” section of this website.

Pedigree of our Fall 2018 puppies with Heidi and Luka

Pedigree of our Fall 2018 puppies with Heidi and Luka

For details, visit our password protected Client page for specifics on our intelligence & temperament test and puppy’s vaccination and health schedule. These puppies will have the size, coat, and temperament of their parents.

Dam: Polarbear’s Heidi of Snowcloud. 85# 25.5" in.

AKC # DN38524101 Daughter of Polarbear’s Prince Caspian (OFA32F OFEL32. AKC DNA #V649381) and Polarbear’s Sugar Snowcloud DN25163407. Heidi is one of our most beautiful females and extremely gifted. Heidi is a human radar detector! She has an amazing ability to judge people and will warn you if someone is not a safe person. She is friendly and affectionate and the most intelligent “human with fur” in the room. She is a good balance of everything we look for in a Polarbear. Heidi has a gorgeous short, smooth, nearly shed-free, arctic white coat.


Sire: Northernwhite’s Luka (Canada). 120#. 26 in.

Son of Northernwhite’s Harley Striker CKC SA065263 and Artica’s Moon CKC TQ185289. Luka is a gentle giant and one of the most brilliant dogs you’ll ever meet. He is like a human comedian and will do anything for a laugh. He loves to retrieve and is crazy about water. Kids just love him and he is just a perfect, well-mannered companion, and friendly with all who meet him!

Maggie & Weiser Family

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