What makes Polarbear Shepherd puppies so extraordinary?
  Polarbear White Shepherds is able to produce the very best of what the White Shepherd breed has to offer because of our unique natural dog rearing program.   Its a matter of "nature and nurture".  We start with championship AKC bloodlines free from genetic abnormalities known to inflict this breed of dog.  We choose only Polarbear stock who score at the top of everyone of our 12 categories of tests for temperament and intelligence.  The nuturing begins at birth with early puppy massage. At about five weeks, our puppies are allowed out into the world where their natural intelligence is stimulated and fostered on our beautiful acreage with grassy fields, ponds, trees, horses, and all kinds of humans big and small. It is our experience that 80% of what you get in a purebred dog is the fault or the benefit of the breeder.  No amount of money or training is substitute for a responsible breeder and this is what makes our dogs so extraordinary!

    Welcome to the homepage of Polarbear White Shepherds.  Our mission to promote a wonderful relatively new breed of dog called the American White Shepherd.  
     Our American White Shepherds are known for their health, calm, loving and well-mannered temperaments, regal stature, straight backs, short white plush coats, health and longevity.  We specialize in providing the "ultimate" companion dog for families of all kinds.  We rarely have a litter, but when we do it is with our our top scoring dogs for temperament and intelligence test.  Our matching service is a "spiritual" experience and our dogs intuitively seem to understand their purpose when they are matched with the home that has been selected for them.  We call them our "angels" on assignment!

  Reputation for producing Outstanding AKC Large Arctic
White Shepherds with Calm, Stable, and Affectionate Temperaments.   We are a "No Kennel/No Cage" Breeder.

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Polarbear White Shepherds offers a 100% health guarantee and money back if not completely satisfied.  We are always available to help or provide doggy daycare for our customers.   Polarbear White Shepherds is very proud of Polarbear Puppies that have gone on to serve law enforcement and the U.S. government as border security dogs, and proud of those who now comfort the disabled as therapy dogs as well as all those who are serving their masters in all walks of life.  The companionship, natural loyalty, and selflessness of the American White Shepherd is unmatched among dog breeds. These dogs are truly "Good Shepherds" in every way.    Make your next dog a one-of-a-kind Polarbear!

    with Tux looking on (18 mo. old)